Trunks and Mushymage back causing terror.

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

So I finally started playing WoW a little again, I hit 85 while I was off work over Christmas and New Years and then did some PvP while I was stuck in bed ill with the flu and then I didn’t go on WoW for a week again until Trunks begged me like a bitch on MSN.

So I logged on, Trunks stopped doing arena and we did some battle grounds. Lecht, a druid who is a hordes alt in our guild, joined us for a few battle grounds and then later on it was just Trunks and I running around, disc/fire were back again and causing just as much trouble as we use to.
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PvP fire mages still fail in Cataclysm?

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

So as anyone who knows me knows, I’m a die hard fire mage. I was elemental spec with a fire bias in vanilla. I was fire in The Burning Crusade. I was fire in Wrath of the Lich King – where fire mages were so gimp it was unreal and in Cataclysm I dual spec as frost/fire, I was initially PvE fire / PvP fire but since I don’t plan to do PvE again I changed that to frost. The frost spec lasted 3 days and its now changed to a PvE based frost spec for questing out and about.

So I got a message of Trunks asking me if I was coming online for some PvP while I was afk and then another message came through…
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City Link, a Cataclysmic failure.

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming, General with 0 Comments

So this post is rather old, like a month old, but I’m lazy so only just bothered to post it.

I pre ordered World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I pre ordered it from Amazon. Amazon had a “Guaranteed delivery for release day!” message on their site if you paid for delivery instead of taking free delivery. So I paid for delivery.
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Omegle giggles.

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in General, Internet with 0 Comments

So I was talking to a friend on MSN when suddenly I got this…

Not much else to say to this, the picture says it all 🙂

I am curious however as to how Omegle tracks the IPs, do all registered sex offenders have to have static IPs? I know if I reboot my router my IP cycles – apart from the message that person then gave someone could of just been called a sex offender for simply being on a non static IP. Then of course there’s the whole proxy stuff and VPNs to mask IPs.

I can honestly say I’ve never used Omegle though so I have no idea about anything to do with it 😛

Dear spambots…

November 22, 2010 by Mushy in Internet with 0 Comments

The average readership of this blog is… 0.

Please leave my blog alone with your dirty spam posts. I do moderate my comments and delete them all.

I know you can’t read this because your a worthless piece of trash bot that just spams comments but I’m bored after having deleted your previous 60+ spam posts that my massive reader base of 0 didn’t see.

Depending on how much more of this crap I get I’ll go to the small amount of effort of setting all posts that aren’t from registered users to require me to click approve instead of delete. It’ll save me time, like I said, no one reads this blog so its not like I’ll inconvenience anyone legit.

If only you could post a comment worth while I could ask you how your even finding my posts so I can delete the section of code your hooking in on.

Ninjish names.

November 20, 2010 by Mushy in Internet with 0 Comments

So yesterday in work when I was emailing someone from my phone one of the emails I got back was my ninjish name. This person when tootling around on the internet found an image someone had made which had the letters A-Z and their corresponding syllables which produced your ninja name, mine being Mimotakito Mirikashitachimoto. So without further ado, here is the image that was used:

The Ninjish Alphabet

The Ninjish Alphabet

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Lowepro Fastpack 350

November 12, 2010 by Mushy in Photography, Product Reviews with 2 Comments

So while I’m trying to get into photography as a hobby I figured getting a bag to carry around an expensive camera and expensive kit was a worthwhile investment, especially if I want to go on holiday and take the camera and my laptop – it means I can put my expensive camera and kit, expensive laptop and some little bits inside the bag and take it on the plane with me instead of it getting banged around in luggage.

So while looking around for bags I stumbled upon the Lowepro Fastpack 350. It has a lower section for the camera and some lenses, pockets are adjustable with velcro and the entire thing is heavily padded with little pockets to hold stuff like memory cards and batteries. The back of the bag is also padded and zips open on one side to allow you to stick a laptop in – the 350 supports up to a 17″ laptop however my laptop is a very tight fit (though it is also a gaming laptop so its not exactly slimline) so I’d probably recommend going with a 15″ laptop.
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I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

October 15, 2010 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

Or rather, I’m a caster (fire mage to be precise) in the pre Cataclysm patch.

So I usually model swap to an undead male for the casting animations, playing as a human female really breaks my game (no HuF > ScM swaps out yet). I’m out of practice as a PvP mage – I quit PvP with the pre WotLK patch basically due to it completely breaking fire mages. I don’t have the ‘feel’ for the game yet since the patch. Half of my mods don’t work. I’m in my PvE gear. I killed all in my path, and then some, the screen shots above and below are from my first and second WSG PuGs. They might not make me look like a God or anything, but its a very different story from fire mage PvP before the patch came along.

So the Cataclysm pre patch was released and as expected, it broke things. Lots of things. Casters are retarded at the moment, we 1-4 shot everything. Its great. That makes me sound like a retardin or other one shot class of yesterday, but I’m not. You see, you had your time, I’ve gone through being 1 shot by you basically through all of WotLK, now for a couple of months (note I said couple of months, not entire expansion like you had) I get my revenge, and it’s a bitch. I’ll never have sympathy for retardins however, regardless. I say nerf you to oblivion and then some, heck delete you from the game, wankers.

There’s a whole lot of whining especially about fire mages at the moment, but I’d like to point something out: fire mages have been gimp all of WotLK. Literally. Towards the end of it some extremely skilled and geared individuals made fire ‘work’, but it was still gimp. Your use to 1 shotting a fire mage and seeing it fail to kill anything. Now we don’t. So we’re over powered right? Wrong. We’re now inline with the other caster classes. Druids and shadow priests still 2 shot me like always. Frost mages always use to gib people in a global. What your seeing is fire mages being brought inline with the rest of the casters which makes us look unbalanced, then add in the fact that the pre patch did seriously make casters bad and it makes us look seriously out of line.

So Blizzard broke the game with this pre patch right? Well, yes and no. You see, its a pre patch. Pre patches always without fail break everything. It happened with the pre TBC patch and with the pre WotLK patch and it happened again with the pre Cataclysm patch. What you have to take into account is that the game is never balanced regardless and then take into account that the new talents etc are also meant for level 85 and your in level 80 gear. The game won’t stay like this at 85, with level 85 gear.

I quit PvP on my mage like I said with the pre WotLK patch, I’ve always been fire, always will be fire. WotLK broke fire. I did some PvP during furious season and again at the end of wrathful season on my rogue. My rogue ate things alive. PvP was crap as a fire mage, good as a rogue – but my rogue was never overpowered as such – all other classes had their specs of doom. From playing last night my rogue was crap, nowhere near the fun my mage was. Let us fire mages rejoice, even if only for a couple of months.

Horde WoWtards

October 4, 2010 by Mushy in Gaming with 2 Comments

Vampirik - WoW tard extraordinaire I guess I should explain the picture.

Vampirik is a pro. Totally. That 24k hp aff locked owned my ass completely. Well, not quite. Him and his 7 horde friends did.

So why is he /lol spamming me? Well, because as is the current trend with horde (seriously, this seems like a pandemic limited to just your faction – I see no ally doing it yet get it from horde in on average 1 in 3 games) the retards have found spam macros!

So why the /lol spam though? I mean, it was 1v7 and I lost, not a shocker is it? Well, thats because 10 seconds before this I was 1v2 against an arms war and a destro lock, and won, then moved on to this retard and again, won, 1v1.

Now, since he lost to me once, I was obviously lame in some way, so his 1v7 win totally made me a lowly subject not worthy of his greatness and was therefore meant to be /lol spammed by said pro. Its the obvious reaction and conclusion.

Now seriously, this goes to all retards out there not just this special olympics gold winner – what is the point? I mean, you don’t look pro – you look like a prepubescent little fucktard. Your skills shows you aren’t pro. Do you gain some sort of super cool feeling? It can be the only answer surely – you make yourself look like your parents are brother and sister so it can’t be for the looks. You must be filled with some energy, some force, something that makes you forget that is the only naked girlies you’ve ever seen (and from your oh so cool actions, probably the only naked girlies you will ever see).

ACS:Law, Operation Payback Is A Bitch and a search utility.

October 4, 2010 by Mushy in Internet with 0 Comments

So last week there was news about a leak of personal information from a company called ACS:Law. The leak was meant to just be Sky internet customer details, however it has since emerged that BT has also sent over unsecured details of around 500 people.

So what was in this leak? Well, it contained the IP address and the file that was downloaded by a user, along with all their personal information – full name and address. Apparently there is also financial information in this leak however I haven’t seen any in the two files I’ve opened.

Wait, what leak? Well, it appears a company called ACS:Law were tracking torrents for certain clients, porn torrents, and then getting the information for people from ISPs like Sky and then sending out letters demanding £500 as a fine or to be taken to court where they could face a higher fine, or something along those lines at least.

So what is ‘Operation Payback Is A Bitch’? Well, it appears people for obvious reasons didn’t like this leak and their anti-piracy efforts so the users of the message board 4chan launched an attack – Operation Payback Is A Bitch. From what I know of this attack it was just a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack which brought the ACS:Law website down, but wherever it came from this leak contained a lot of private information, and not just of Sky customers details. This leak wasn’t a simple a couple of files got out – entire mail boxes were leaked.

Google will give lots of information on this if you want to read up more about the entire thing and there are a couple of BBC articles floating about ‘ACS:Law could face £500,000 fine for porn list leak‘ and ‘BT embroiled in ACS:Law porn list breach‘ being two articles.

So whats this search utility I hear you say? Well, I downloaded the leaked files from The Pirate Bay and got two of the files into a database. This database however doesn’t contain all the personal information – I stripped it back to just the first initial of the forename, the surname and the postcode. Whats the point in this searcher? Well, its a simple way to find out if you might possibly be on the list of leaked files. The page I setup has a basic read me about what the utility is for and the page itself is extremely plain and simple just in case it for some reason gets found by search engines like this article. I might possibly go back at some point and make it look nicer but it functions fine and thats all it needs to do.

You can find the search utility here.

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