British Indian Gas, my little rant.

April 28, 2014 by Mushy in General, Personal with 0 Comments

So I recently moved from the apartment I was renting to a house to rent as my girlfriend and I moved in together and she has a dog which wasn’t allowed in my old apartment. The day we move in we get a call from NPower about taking over the gas supply and I also arranged for them to take over the electric supply too, just for ease since I was already on the phone to them.

They explained how the electric would still be with British Gas (why it is called that when manned by India, more specifically Indians who can’t actually speak English, not even the script they have to read through, I will never know) for 4-6 weeks and I would have a final bill from British Gas to pay. All good, nothing hard about that… or is there?
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Bad developers and the damage they cause.

August 12, 2013 by Mushy in Internet, Personal, Web Development with 0 Comments

So recently I “remade” a site for a friend. I say remade in quotes because its a simple WordPress install, using one of the default WordPress themes and I simply copied the content off their existing “website”. Now I put website in quotes because although technically it is a website, oh my God how I wish that thing never existed. The developer of the site – the (now ex) boyfriend of the friend I am doing it for – charged 40 euros for the domain name, of which he then decided he’d subdomain their site because you know, that make TOTAL sense, right? (I guess it does when you later use the main domain name for someone else you make a “website” for even though it isn’t a related topic to the domain, but I digress… slightly)
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New addition to the family, Suki!

February 18, 2013 by Mushy in General, Personal with 0 Comments

With the unfortunate passing of Phoebe, we noticed Miles was getting a lot more attention hungry and needing fuss. If you went out he’d be waiting for you when you got back even after a short time, so we decided he must be missing Phoebe and it would be good to get him a new little friend to keep him company.

Enter Socks Tocca Suki! She was initially called Socks by the previous family that owned her, renamed to Tocca by the animal shelter we got her from and my dad didn’t like the name Tocca so I suggested Suki and both my parents liked it resulting in her third name. More names than years she has been around!

Suki is a little 2-year-old female cat, although we aren’t sure if they got the years wrong with her because she looks younger but she could just be a small kitty who we got from St Helens Cats Protection. She is extremely friendly and affectionate, always head butting you for tickles when she walks near you.

At the moment they aren’t so great friends, Miles growls and hisses at her, but that is to be expected for a new kitty on his turf I guess. Hopefully they’ll be fine soon.

I will edit this post to add some pictures of her soon as the pictures are all on my phone at the moment.

Wordsearch funsies.

July 20, 2012 by Mushy in General with 0 Comments

So I was passing some time, flicking around the intertwebs and I some how landed up on Twitter and on the very cute Periwinkle Jones (@peachesanscream). One of her tweets was a picture of a wordsearch (see below) where the idea is the first three words you find describe you. She had broken, funny and lovely. I managed to get funny, broken and beautiful. What will you get?
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Easyjet hand baggage woes.

April 11, 2012 by Mushy in General, Personal with 0 Comments

So we’ve just had the Easter weekend. 4 day weekend, whoop! To make it even better my friend Manon came over from Holland for the Easter weekend. Everything was good, we had a great weekend, and then she had to fly back home. Not a big shock – when you go on holiday you do tend to need to fly back home at some point. However this is where the “fun” started.
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Video rendering, how I hate you so!

January 25, 2012 by Mushy in Gaming, General, Internet with 0 Comments

So I’ve recently been trying to get into video editing and rendering a little bit.

I decided a good place to start would be rated battlegrounds on World of Warcraft with my guild. So off we set, a little group of ten feminists (my guild is called Feministic Front) to have some fun inside of RBG. I set Fraps recording at 30 FPS and full resolution, I set Teamspeak recording as people in the guild said it would be cool to have it in the videos too.
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WordPress style URL rewrites

January 25, 2012 by Mushy in Web Development, Work with 0 Comments

In work I was tasked with writing a very simple article system. It had to archive and have SEO friendly URLs with a simple TinyMCE powered add, edit and delete admin system which allowed image uploads. Since search engines love WordPress sites I decided I’d replicate their URL structure a bit. I didn’t want articles prefixed with the date but its not a hard thing to add in. I basically had to make this structure:
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Fuck you for doing what was requested!

November 1, 2011 by Mushy in Work with 0 Comments

So on the first day of the month we do billing in work. This means until 5pm the day before clients can put in cancellation requests for services that will be actioned and not billed for the next month.

Sounds pretty easy to follow, right? Well I thought so too. We have a client who always sends in a raft of cancellations on the last day of the month, not a problem, it gets done.
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Happy Birthday Hobbes.

April 8, 2011 by Mushy in General with 0 Comments

You may be gone, but never forgotten.

Will edit this post with some pictures soon.

WoW account phishing scam fail…

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming, Internet with 0 Comments

So I checked my email, like people do and there’s usually a load of emails from Blizzard Entertainment, or rather people pretending to be Blizzard in an attempt to scam my account. I’m sure your well aware of these emails.

So they are usually an account investigation, a password reset request, or something like that. During the Cataclysm beta they were all beta invites, now Cataclysm is live they are back to the same old account investigation, password reset, etc ones.
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