Bad developers and the damage they cause.

August 12, 2013 by Mushy in Internet, Personal, Web Development with 0 Comments

So recently I “remade” a site for a friend. I say remade in quotes because its a simple WordPress install, using one of the default WordPress themes and I simply copied the content off their existing “website”. Now I put website in quotes because although technically it is a website, oh my God how I wish that thing never existed. The developer of the site – the (now ex) boyfriend of the friend I am doing it for – charged 40 euros for the domain name, of which he then decided he’d subdomain their site because you know, that make TOTAL sense, right? (I guess it does when you later use the main domain name for someone else you make a “website” for even though it isn’t a related topic to the domain, but I digress… slightly)

Now as if charging that for a domain name that is something around 12 euros a year isn’t bad enough, the actual website is a half finished mess. The design (which was taken from a directory site by the looks of it) looked like a half mashed 2 column simple design, except the thin column is missing and the content doesn’t extend the entire site. There is no admin panel for them to add content. They can’t add images. The code for what is a very simple site is very over done, its bad code.

This is from someone who wants to be a developer. First “client” you get (a family member of your now ex-girlfriend who needed a 5 minute WordPress install) ends up being ripped off on design, code, domain and overall charge regardless. I later found out after 2 days the same “developer” couldn’t code a simple hardset username/password login form, which is all of a 30 second thing… Then to make things funnier, in a sadistic bad for the industry kind of way, I find out this person also wants to learn web design so he can freelance web design and development… Might want to learn to develop before freelancing it, just fyi.

Unfortunately this same person has since “designed and developed” another site for someone else, an English landscaper on a .be domain, that isn’t related to landscaping (remember the above mentioned stolen domain/subdomain?). Nice work! The code for this site… even worse. Table layouts and as if that wasn’t bad enough, invalid ones at that. Oh and it looks like its taken off a directory site so not even his actual design, with a clipart style header from 1996.

So now that little rant is over, what is my point? Well, this is an example of not only a bad person (shady domain shenanigans) but a terrible coder is actively trying to freelance to get extra money. This produces bad sites and bad reputation for the industry, as if the black hat SEO didn’t damage us enough. Now bad looking sites is one thing, bad to one is good to another, but that code being put out by a developer shouldn’t exist. It should have gone out of style at least 13 years ago, and he is charging for this. My friends mother now feels the 40 euros she spent on the site have been worth it, which I’m kind of glad about even though the money went to a shady horrible “developer”, but it took me doing a 5 second install of WordPress and a couple of hours of my own time ripping the content from one site to another for her to feel the money was worth it, and she still doesn’t have a domain name. I also didn’t charge anything for my time or hosting, because it isn’t worth it.

Unfortunately unless an actual developer ever actually looks at his work people will remain clueless, your average bod doesn’t understand what is good or bad code, just working or not working, but that doesn’t make it right in the slightest. Mr “developer”, next time you decide to do some coding, at least learn to code. Or just cut off your hands and do the world a favour.

For anyone interested, which given the readership of 0 on my non active blog should be… 0, is (subdomained on one of my sites since they don’t own their own domain…)

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