New addition to the family, Suki!

February 18, 2013 by Mushy in General, Personal with 0 Comments

With the unfortunate passing of Phoebe, we noticed Miles was getting a lot more attention hungry and needing fuss. If you went out he’d be waiting for you when you got back even after a short time, so we decided he must be missing Phoebe and it would be good to get him a new little friend to keep him company.

Enter Socks Tocca Suki! She was initially called Socks by the previous family that owned her, renamed to Tocca by the animal shelter we got her from and my dad didn’t like the name Tocca so I suggested Suki and both my parents liked it resulting in her third name. More names than years she has been around!

Suki is a little 2-year-old female cat, although we aren’t sure if they got the years wrong with her because she looks younger but she could just be a small kitty who we got from St Helens Cats Protection. She is extremely friendly and affectionate, always head butting you for tickles when she walks near you.

At the moment they aren’t so great friends, Miles growls and hisses at her, but that is to be expected for a new kitty on his turf I guess. Hopefully they’ll be fine soon.

I will edit this post to add some pictures of her soon as the pictures are all on my phone at the moment.

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