Wordsearch funsies.

July 20, 2012 by Mushy in General with 0 Comments

So I was passing some time, flicking around the intertwebs and I some how landed up on Twitter and on the very cute Periwinkle Jones (@peachesanscream). One of her tweets was a picture of a wordsearch (see below) where the idea is the first three words you find describe you. She had broken, funny and lovely. I managed to get funny, broken and beautiful. What will you get?

First three words describe you.

Search for words, the first three you find describe you.

The words I’ve found in total so far: (I didn’t spend long looking…)
Tax (can you be tax?)
Fat (harsh!)
Clutz (it still counts with a z, right?)
Whore (well…)
Pad (can you be a pad?)
Fab (does it count?)
Lad (…)
But (not quite butt, but close enough)

I guess not all the words in there are meant to describe a person, but I still found them so they make the list!

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