Easyjet hand baggage woes.

April 11, 2012 by Mushy in General, Personal with 0 Comments

So we’ve just had the Easter weekend. 4 day weekend, whoop! To make it even better my friend Manon came over from Holland for the Easter weekend. Everything was good, we had a great weekend, and then she had to fly back home. Not a big shock – when you go on holiday you do tend to need to fly back home at some point. However this is where the “fun” started.

So Manon came over on Thursday 5th April, she flew with easyJet, her flight was on time and everything was going well. Come Monday 9th April it was time for Manon to fly back in the evening and we headed off to the airport, she was flying from Liverpool since that is the closest airport to me. Now Manon only had a single bag with her, it was small – she was only here for 4 days, no need for masses of luggage – and flying over here she got on the plane fine, her hand luggage was classed as, shock horror, hand luggage – no need to pay for the extra space needed for a suitcase and send it off through the check in part, just carry bag and go.

You’d think the same could be said for flying back, right? I mean it was the same company so surely flying back would be exactly the same, but in the other direction. Nothing new, no extra luggage, nothing. So that’s how it went, right? Wrong! Oh easyJet, how can you take something so simple and make it so God damn fucking retarded and a rip off it becomes unfunny? I get a text while I’m on my way back home from Manon, thanking me for a good weekend and saying she’d found her gate. Yay. Then later I get a Facebook message detailing how fucked up easyJet are.

So it turns out shit isn’t as straight forward going back as going forward. For some reason the hand luggage she came over with had magically grown and was no longer hang luggage (the wheels stuck out by a couple of centimetres – OH THE FUCKING HORROR! . Exactly how it grew we don’t know, but the wankers wouldn’t let her on with it as hand luggage so she had to pay a baggage charge of £40. Except she didn’t take any pounds back with her since she has a massive fuck all use for them back in Holland. Guess she can pay by card though… or not. Apparently they wouldn’t accept it for some reason (considering she’d used the card while over here I don’t get why she couldn’t at an airport, where you’d expect them to have a complete card support since they handle people from all over the world, you know.) So they fleece her out of €60. That’s more than her ticket over here even cost. For added funsies, they also decided to search all her luggage. Maybe it was a slow day for them?

So all in all, thanks for a wonderful end to a great weekend easyJet. I hope any of you which are involved in being cunts to your customers burn in hell. Wankers.

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