Fuck you for doing what was requested!

November 1, 2011 by Mushy in Work with 0 Comments

So on the first day of the month we do billing in work. This means until 5pm the day before clients can put in cancellation requests for services that will be actioned and not billed for the next month.

Sounds pretty easy to follow, right? Well I thought so too. We have a client who always sends in a raft of cancellations on the last day of the month, not a problem, it gets done.

This time however, a cancellation ticket was submitted, nothing out of the norm so far. Now if I was going to go and cancel a website hosting and the database for it, I’d make sure I had a backup of the code and a dump of the SQL tables, sounds like something standard right? You’d do the same as well, who knows when you might need some of that stuff again in the future for whatever reason after all, so lets take us that backup.

So the cancellation ticket comes in around 4pm, gives us an hour to be getting through the other tickets and get to that one, the services start getting removed about 40 minutes later, so even if you forgot to take that backup initially, there was still a 40 minute window for that “oh fuck!” moment to kick in and hope we haven’t done it and create a backup.

Apparently that moment didn’t bless a client. Instead, because we actioned the ticket the same day, we’re a bunch of wankers for being efficient and we shouldn’t be charging to go through MySQL snapshots and server backups, we simply shouldn’t of done the ticket when it was raised! Stupid us!

Now, if you don’t want the ticket actioning, don’t raise it! If you realise you need to do something before the ticket is done, add a note asking us to delay it. If you don’t, we’ll go ahead and do the damn ticket!

The kicker to all this though, apart from being shouted at for doing the job we were asked to do and in an efficient way, is that if we hadn’t of done the ticket when we did, we’d of been shouted at for charging them for another month for the services and probably demanded a credit for them!

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