WoW account phishing scam fail…

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming, Internet with 0 Comments

So I checked my email, like people do and there’s usually a load of emails from Blizzard Entertainment, or rather people pretending to be Blizzard in an attempt to scam my account. I’m sure your well aware of these emails.

So they are usually an account investigation, a password reset request, or something like that. During the Cataclysm beta they were all beta invites, now Cataclysm is live they are back to the same old account investigation, password reset, etc ones.

So imagine my surprise when I check my email today to see a total fail account scam attempt… Apparently after all this time – 1 month after Cataclysm has been released – I have finally been accepted for the beta of Cataclysm!

I kid you not. Cataclysm has been out since the 7th of December 2010, it is now 8th January 2011 and I get a beta invite scam attempt. Now I never credit scammers with any kind of an IQ or anything, but please, a beta invite once the game has gone live – and not by a day or two – I could let that slide as a slow mail server, by a month? Not even works email server is that slow!

Cataclysm beta invite phish fail

As much as I don’t condone phishing and scam attempts – please scammers at least keep up to date!

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