Trunks and Mushymage back causing terror.

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

So I finally started playing WoW a little again, I hit 85 while I was off work over Christmas and New Years and then did some PvP while I was stuck in bed ill with the flu and then I didn’t go on WoW for a week again until Trunks begged me like a bitch on MSN.

So I logged on, Trunks stopped doing arena and we did some battle grounds. Lecht, a druid who is a hordes alt in our guild, joined us for a few battle grounds and then later on it was just Trunks and I running around, disc/fire were back again and causing just as much trouble as we use to.

Back in The Burning Crusade, Trunks and I use to PvP a lot together, I’d run off into 7 horde, Trunks would follow, the horde would die. Sometimes we had smaller fights, we faught a Gladiator arena team from our server (hunter/resto shammy) at gold mine in Arathi Basin a few times (hi there Gurr if you ever read this for some reason) – oh the fun times.

So for us to be back on our old form (nearly) was quite good fun, I was still running into groups of horde, Trunks was still following me, probably sighing at what retarded thing I’d do next or group I’d attack 😛

I’m fire again, I had a period, for about 3 days, where I was frost spec. I hated frost spec in vanilla (I was elementalist, scorch based). I hated frost spec in The Burning Crusade. I hated frost spec in Wrath of the Lich King. I still hate frost in Cataclysm. So I’m now back to fire again, and the times are good. Hard at times, but still good – there are times being frost was easier, there are times being fire is easier 😛 The new Impact mechanic is kind of cool, I loved impact back in vanilla and wasn’t happy with it back in Wrath of the Lich King, now that it procs a lot more its a lot more handy being able to CC other people for a couple of seconds with a stun.

We plan to hit the 3v3 scene purely to get gear, we’ll be bringing along Lecht the oomkin. It should be fun, we aren’t going for rating, but it’ll be fun to see where we actually do get to.

So to commemorate our first real kind of return as disc/fire, luckily Trunks took a screen shot because I always just quit battle grounds instantly 😛 Without further ado, here is Trunks screen shot of our little run into Twin Peaks as disc/fire 🙂 If only I had my model swap on my PC so I was playing as an ScM instead of HuF, I play better as an ScM model 😛

Trunks and Mushymage as disc/fire hitting up Twin Peaks battleground.

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