PvP fire mages still fail in Cataclysm?

January 8, 2011 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

So as anyone who knows me knows, I’m a die hard fire mage. I was elemental spec with a fire bias in vanilla. I was fire in The Burning Crusade. I was fire in Wrath of the Lich King – where fire mages were so gimp it was unreal and in Cataclysm I dual spec as frost/fire, I was initially PvE fire / PvP fire but since I don’t plan to do PvE again I changed that to frost. The frost spec lasted 3 days and its now changed to a PvE based frost spec for questing out and about.

So I got a message of Trunks asking me if I was coming online for some PvP while I was afk and then another message came through…

Gevalia laughs at fire mages

For the record, I do play as fire – it was just 3 days I was frost!

Now, warlocks at the moment most people will agree need to be toned down, even most warlocks agree that I’ve spoken to. This fire mage however didn’t even hurt Gevalia. Honestly? It was a fail fire mage. I’ve faught warlocks and usually I lose, but I also lost as frost 😛

Now that message came through a few days ago, but today I was in Twin Peaks and went 1v1 with an afflication warlock. The warlock was fail. It had to use death coil, it had to use a health stone and it still had to be bailed out by 2 horde that turned up just before it died.

So the moral of the story? Well, fire mages are gimp – buff is! More seriously, bad players are just fucking bad. Most warlocks will also laugh at fire mages regardless of their spec. Bastards.

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