City Link, a Cataclysmic failure.

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So this post is rather old, like a month old, but I’m lazy so only just bothered to post it.

I pre ordered World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I pre ordered it from Amazon. Amazon had a “Guaranteed delivery for release day!” message on their site if you paid for delivery instead of taking free delivery. So I paid for delivery.

Now Cataclysm was released on the 7th December 2010, the digital download was available a long ass time before that. I decided I’d get the collectors edition because the art work books are cool, and hey, it had a pet I will never use! So no digital download for me, no playing at 11pm (I’m in the UK so it went live 11pm on the 6th here), I’d have to wait until some point on the 7th to get my copy then install it and activate it and stuff. I could live with that.

So I get an email saying its been dispatched and containing my tracking number. Great! I’ll have the game at some point on the 7th, all the rumours I’ve been told about Amazon totally failing on pre orders will be proven unfounded in my case, the world will keep on spinning, I’ll get some kick ass leveling PvP… or not.

City Link, a Cataclysmic failure.

Amazon dispatched my order to City Link (for the record, everyone I know nick names this company Shity Link for a reason) on the 6th. On the 6th City Link confirmed they had indeed received it and had pushed it on to a delivery depot. On the 7th the delivery depot got my item at 08:11 and then at 15:08 decided to agree that not only had this item been delivered to the depot, but it was within their network… Surely the fact that at 08:11 they said they had received the item meant it was in their network but hey. So now I’m guessing it’ll be the 8th before it gets shipped from the depot to me, not great – I could of got to the depot and picked it up if I’d of known of this delay but hey, it’ll come tomorrow, right? Right?

At 08:24 on the 8th, they did indeed load my item onto a van, however the driver decided that I didn’t need to in fact get my item today, it was already one day late, I can wait longer! So at 18:51 they decided to return my item to their network. Thanks.

So I figure, OK, the 9th it’ll arrive, not great and not happy, but OK.

Wrong again!

It then took them until the 11th to decide to load the goods onto a van. Now, on the 9th when my item didn’t get shipped, I cancelled my order with Amazon and got the digital download, I got an email on the 10th confirming it had been cancelled and that they had told City Link not to deliver it. Still, come the 11th at 08:22 they decided to load my item anyway and deliver it. At least this time they did actually bother to deliver it I guess.

There in lies another problem… I get my items delivered to my parents as during week days I’m out of my flat from 07:20 to 18:30 as I’m at work. Now I’d told my mum not to accept the item if it comes… so my dad decided to answer the door instead and accept delivery 😛

So I contact Amazon again – no problem, just fill in the return item form and when it asks why your returning it select ‘I don’t want it any more.’. Except this option costs me money to return it, not much, like £2, but why should I have to foot the bill for this? I’m not doing that, you’ve pissed me off enough as it is already here… So off I go through the options and there is indeed one which makes them foot the bill. Lets take that one shall we!

Amazon, get rid of Shity Link, I don’t know who you can turn to as Parcel Force are also nick named Parcel Farce, but you need to sort this crap out.

Its a lot further on from this post, but I ordered my mum a Kindle for her birthday and I’m waiting to see how the delivery goes with that 😛 So far its 6 days into delivery and it hasn’t turned up, I got my sister to order it and I gave her the money so I could use my associates code but this means I don’t have the tracking number unfortunately and she’s in Atlanta or something so its not really worth bothering her asking for it.

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