Dear spambots…

November 22, 2010 by Mushy in Internet with 0 Comments

The average readership of this blog is… 0.

Please leave my blog alone with your dirty spam posts. I do moderate my comments and delete them all.

I know you can’t read this because your a worthless piece of trash bot that just spams comments but I’m bored after having deleted your previous 60+ spam posts that my massive reader base of 0 didn’t see.

Depending on how much more of this crap I get I’ll go to the small amount of effort of setting all posts that aren’t from registered users to require me to click approve instead of delete. It’ll save me time, like I said, no one reads this blog so its not like I’ll inconvenience anyone legit.

If only you could post a comment worth while I could ask you how your even finding my posts so I can delete the section of code your hooking in on.

About Mushy

I am Colin Charlton, also known as Mushy. I develop websites, ignore my blog and play games. I also have a kickass tattoo. I should really write more here and something more professional... fuck it.

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