I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

October 15, 2010 by Mushy in Gaming with 0 Comments

Or rather, I’m a caster (fire mage to be precise) in the pre Cataclysm patch.

So I usually model swap to an undead male for the casting animations, playing as a human female really breaks my game (no HuF > ScM swaps out yet). I’m out of practice as a PvP mage – I quit PvP with the pre WotLK patch basically due to it completely breaking fire mages. I don’t have the ‘feel’ for the game yet since the patch. Half of my mods don’t work. I’m in my PvE gear. I killed all in my path, and then some, the screen shots above and below are from my first and second WSG PuGs. They might not make me look like a God or anything, but its a very different story from fire mage PvP before the patch came along.

So the Cataclysm pre patch was released and as expected, it broke things. Lots of things. Casters are retarded at the moment, we 1-4 shot everything. Its great. That makes me sound like a retardin or other one shot class of yesterday, but I’m not. You see, you had your time, I’ve gone through being 1 shot by you basically through all of WotLK, now for a couple of months (note I said couple of months, not entire expansion like you had) I get my revenge, and it’s a bitch. I’ll never have sympathy for retardins however, regardless. I say nerf you to oblivion and then some, heck delete you from the game, wankers.

There’s a whole lot of whining especially about fire mages at the moment, but I’d like to point something out: fire mages have been gimp all of WotLK. Literally. Towards the end of it some extremely skilled and geared individuals made fire ‘work’, but it was still gimp. Your use to 1 shotting a fire mage and seeing it fail to kill anything. Now we don’t. So we’re over powered right? Wrong. We’re now inline with the other caster classes. Druids and shadow priests still 2 shot me like always. Frost mages always use to gib people in a global. What your seeing is fire mages being brought inline with the rest of the casters which makes us look unbalanced, then add in the fact that the pre patch did seriously make casters bad and it makes us look seriously out of line.

So Blizzard broke the game with this pre patch right? Well, yes and no. You see, its a pre patch. Pre patches always without fail break everything. It happened with the pre TBC patch and with the pre WotLK patch and it happened again with the pre Cataclysm patch. What you have to take into account is that the game is never balanced regardless and then take into account that the new talents etc are also meant for level 85 and your in level 80 gear. The game won’t stay like this at 85, with level 85 gear.

I quit PvP on my mage like I said with the pre WotLK patch, I’ve always been fire, always will be fire. WotLK broke fire. I did some PvP during furious season and again at the end of wrathful season on my rogue. My rogue ate things alive. PvP was crap as a fire mage, good as a rogue – but my rogue was never overpowered as such – all other classes had their specs of doom. From playing last night my rogue was crap, nowhere near the fun my mage was. Let us fire mages rejoice, even if only for a couple of months.

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