Horde WoWtards

October 4, 2010 by Mushy in Gaming with 2 Comments

Vampirik - WoW tard extraordinaire I guess I should explain the picture.

Vampirik is a pro. Totally. That 24k hp aff locked owned my ass completely. Well, not quite. Him and his 7 horde friends did.

So why is he /lol spamming me? Well, because as is the current trend with horde (seriously, this seems like a pandemic limited to just your faction – I see no ally doing it yet get it from horde in on average 1 in 3 games) the retards have found spam macros!

So why the /lol spam though? I mean, it was 1v7 and I lost, not a shocker is it? Well, thats because 10 seconds before this I was 1v2 against an arms war and a destro lock, and won, then moved on to this retard and again, won, 1v1.

Now, since he lost to me once, I was obviously lame in some way, so his 1v7 win totally made me a lowly subject not worthy of his greatness and was therefore meant to be /lol spammed by said pro. Its the obvious reaction and conclusion.

Now seriously, this goes to all retards out there not just this special olympics gold winner – what is the point? I mean, you don’t look pro – you look like a prepubescent little fucktard. Your skills shows you aren’t pro. Do you gain some sort of super cool feeling? It can be the only answer surely – you make yourself look like your parents are brother and sister so it can’t be for the looks. You must be filled with some energy, some force, something that makes you forget that is the only naked girlies you’ve ever seen (and from your oh so cool actions, probably the only naked girlies you will ever see).

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I am Colin Charlton, also known as Mushy. I develop websites, ignore my blog and play games. I also have a kickass tattoo. I should really write more here and something more professional... fuck it.


  1. trunksOct 15, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Yeah that is a new trend for them, but do not forget that some of they do it to troll you and make your angry and write these posts =) however the amount of macros we have seen over the years… remember that High Warlord troll shaman we took on once and after killing him (after Ankh) he used his macro which had every abusive emote he probably could think of included.

  2. MushyOct 15, 2010 at 8:37 pmAuthor

    I’m not angry, I just thought it was worth a blog post, no one reads this anyways – only you do if I tell you there’s a new post 😛

    I just don’t get the behaviour though – I mean if he’d totally owned my ass silly then sure, but he didn’t. After my 2v1 he failed to take me 1v1 and then with 6 other hordes on me, he won. Go him?

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