ACS:Law, Operation Payback Is A Bitch and a search utility.

October 4, 2010 by Mushy in Internet with 0 Comments

So last week there was news about a leak of personal information from a company called ACS:Law. The leak was meant to just be Sky internet customer details, however it has since emerged that BT has also sent over unsecured details of around 500 people.

So what was in this leak? Well, it contained the IP address and the file that was downloaded by a user, along with all their personal information – full name and address. Apparently there is also financial information in this leak however I haven’t seen any in the two files I’ve opened.

Wait, what leak? Well, it appears a company called ACS:Law were tracking torrents for certain clients, porn torrents, and then getting the information for people from ISPs like Sky and then sending out letters demanding £500 as a fine or to be taken to court where they could face a higher fine, or something along those lines at least.

So what is ‘Operation Payback Is A Bitch’? Well, it appears people for obvious reasons didn’t like this leak and their anti-piracy efforts so the users of the message board 4chan launched an attack – Operation Payback Is A Bitch. From what I know of this attack it was just a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack which brought the ACS:Law website down, but wherever it came from this leak contained a lot of private information, and not just of Sky customers details. This leak wasn’t a simple a couple of files got out – entire mail boxes were leaked.

Google will give lots of information on this if you want to read up more about the entire thing and there are a couple of BBC articles floating about ‘ACS:Law could face £500,000 fine for porn list leak‘ and ‘BT embroiled in ACS:Law porn list breach‘ being two articles.

So whats this search utility I hear you say? Well, I downloaded the leaked files from The Pirate Bay and got two of the files into a database. This database however doesn’t contain all the personal information – I stripped it back to just the first initial of the forename, the surname and the postcode. Whats the point in this searcher? Well, its a simple way to find out if you might possibly be on the list of leaked files. The page I setup has a basic read me about what the utility is for and the page itself is extremely plain and simple just in case it for some reason gets found by search engines like this article. I might possibly go back at some point and make it look nicer but it functions fine and thats all it needs to do.

You can find the search utility here.

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