Return of Monkey Face.

September 14, 2010 by Mushy in Gaming with 2 Comments

So with my “return” as its been coined (really its not at all – I’m just doing arena a little, but thanks for all the comments, you know you you are! Not that anyone ever reads this blog :P) I thought I’d say my thoughts on arena.

When we restarted arena we had the option of using the old Furious season “My monkey your face” team since my mage was saving it, however I thought it would be more suiting to use “Return of Monkey Face”, Trunks laughed, then agreed and without further delay “Return of Monkey Face” was born.

So basically, its fun doing it with a friend, but its not a great PvP feature, just as I’ve always thought. Doing arena doesn’t make you a pro, like most arena people think it does. Soon I’ll be that magical 2k rating which makes me a God among mere mortals, it won’t of been hard to get, I’ll of got it massively undergeared against retards who farmed full wrath a long time ago, but I will be a God I tell thee!

So at the moment Trunks has only boosted me to 1810 rating, however this is only a few hours work and I’m undergeared to hell. Thanks to Trunks having gear, at about a 1k team rating we were facing 2k+ rated teams… and winning.

Certain comps give us major problems, especially drain teams like aff/tree or aff/disc. Some teams we thought would give us troubles don’t. Arms warriors are on the whole as stupid as ever although they all seem to of found their retaliation button at the start of most games now, and most DKs aren’t worth mentioning, though can you stop trying to kite me with snares and dps me with just death coil – it doesn’t work. Except the unholy/tree team we farmed in the end, they are worth a mention but purely because they were terribad once put under constant pressure on the DK with us ignoring the tree except for mana burns.

We’ve learned what I said all along – I can play offensive but not defensive and I can’t peel for shit. We already knew I sucked and this was how it would go down ­čśŤ

So all in all, arena != (thats not equal for those who don’t know) skill. Comp != guaranteed win, but it helps make up for the lack of skill in most teams. Gear != comp != skill. Yeah gear helps, its lost us a few games, but on the whole we can overcome a lot of full wrath or wrath/high pve teams.

For all you Frostmourne monkeys out there, that doesn’t save you all either. We faced a couple of┬áparticularly┬ábad teams who must of thought Frostmourne would carry them. It didn’t. It does however fucking hurt!

We’ve stopped at 1810 rating for now as I need the points (which I get tomorrow) to get the off hand dagger, however having had to farm honor for the belt / boots / main hand and off hand, I’d like to mention something about battlegrounds.

So I farmed all my honor for the items solo. It was hell. Pure hell. Honestly, most of you ally out there if you ever read this: GET A FUCKING CLUE! You even got it in capitals to try and make it sink in. Seriously. Stop farming HKs, which you often fail at since you run into 6 horde. Play the ground for the objective, work as a team, stop being so damn pathetic!

We’ll continue the rating grind (yes, it is a grind no matter what you LOL ARENA IS FOR PROS ONLY! people think, its not hard to get) possibly on Wednesday, the gear won’t make that much of a difference but its nice to get it while I’m at the rating now than possibly slip because I’ve fallen asleep and forgot to apply poisons again.

There is also a possibility of me being in a 3s team, however that is looking extremely unlikely since Trunks promised his services to another couple of friends, the slut.

Most teams we face we are doing well against and most losses are close and we can pin down where we made a mistake or it was a simple gear issue / 2 retarded high dps focusing one down before we could do anything kind of thing, but we are having a laugh as we grind our way up some more.

In another post I might try and make some more comments on purely comps we face and the problems / easiness of them. I’ve also been asked to take some fraps of the matches (was the only reason I was doing arena) although that won’t be fun for people to watch, I’ll probably start recording some once we break 2k.

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  1. trunksOct 15, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Sorry for late comment I did not boost!

  2. MushyOct 15, 2010 at 8:35 pmAuthor

    You did and you know it, even that DK thing said so in WSG!

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