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So first some background.

I have done PvP since about level 15 in WoW as a mage. My mage has always been my main. When I hit 60 I went elementalist and ran around in rank 8 blues / dungeon blues.

I had access to full tier 2+ after a while, but I always ran in that gear to keep it more “fair” in the fights – I don’t want to walk over people due to gear.

At 60 I was an elemental build mostly with a bias to fire. At 70 I was elemental for a little, but mostly deep fire. With the pre WotLK changes I quit PvP.

Any PvP I have done as a mage has been as fire in WotLK, but I mostly did PvP on my rogue.

I’m not a great player, but I’m also not terrible. I win more than I lose.

My rogue did BG play at 70, some arena (about 2-3 weeks) in Furious season (ended at 1961 rating due to boredom) and has recently been asked to make a comeback (in the same gear I left with) for Wrathful though again, only for a few weeks.

My mage has always been a world / bg character, it did some arena in season 1 and 2 and thats all.

I don’t like arena. It isn’t fun to me.

I also believe in what I coined “gentlemans PvP”. I don’t attack people because they are low hp. I don’t attack people because they have n mobs on them. I’ve been known to polymorph people, not for the opener but for the heal, then wand to start the fight.

For anyone who only attacks low hp players / players with mobs / only when they out number: you suck. End Of. Especially if you die / nearly die when you do any of these.

Now, for all you arena people out there… you need to realise you aren’t Gods because you got 2.2k+ rating.

Someone from my guild after killing some arena retard was told to “comeback when you break 2k.” Why should he? He destroyed you without a 2k+ rating, he doesn’t even play arena.

Arena is not the only type of PvP there is. Arena alone doesn’t make you a great PvP player.

Now thats not to say that arena makes you crap, or all arena people are crap – but the same goes for you people dissing BG players.

A lot of the arena people that are top now came from BG play. A lot of the old players don’t like arena so they don’t play it. Arena and BG are both valid forms of PvP and you play which you like or both. Or you play arena because its the only way to get gear, which is retarded.

Now I don’t know what the aim of this post is, maybe I’ll just take out my frustration with PvP before I quit (see

BG Vs Arena
So, the age old debate – pure BG players diss arena, pure arena players diss BG.

You people need to realise something: Both of these types of PvP offer different skillsets to each other. Both are just as good as each other, its just that arena got the rewards. BG play was around before arena. There are a lot of skilled BG players. There are a lot of skilled arena players. Some do both,  some do one or the other.

That’s it. End of. Nothing else. Move along.

Like I said, I don’t enjoy arena, I also don’t enjoy chasing someone in circles around a pillar thinking they are skilled with 1.3k resilience. This is PvP – that being player Vs player, not player Vs pillar.

To me, arena is too composition based and not variable enough. If I go a faceroll comp, I get 2k with no effort. Its also stale. If I’m killing someone in world PvP or in a BG, there’s every chance something I’m not expecting will happen. Another player will show up, I’ll run into mobs, I’ll run off a cliff because I’m stupid. You name it, it can happen. In arena its 2/3/5 Vs 2/3/5, thats all, oh and the pillars.

What did Blizzard do to PvP?
In my opinion, Blizzard broke PvP, badly. They did this in a few ways:

  1. They destroyed world PvP. Guards at LHC etc ruined those zones for PvP. Blizzard realised this so introduced the zone objectives. They sucked. It didn’t help.
  2. They totally destroyed world PvP. Flying mounts made world PvP really stupid. People could easily escape or get masses of backup in seconds. Well OK minutes, it didn’t matter.
  3. They introduced arena. Now this in itself didn’t destroy PvP, but they made PvP about arena more than anything else. I don’t want to do something I don’t like to get gear to be viable in PvP. The rewards should of been made quicker via arena, but still obtainable via non arena play.
  4. Resilience. This is a bullshit stat. Sorry, but it is. Now, something had to be done to curb the loloneshot generation that Blizzard introduced, but resilience wasn’t the answer. I don’t know what is, its not an easy one, but resilience wasn’t it.
  5. LOLWTF damage. All you people who think one-shot = skill, your wrong. Classes unfortunately due to game design now do stupid amounts of damage. The game isn’t so much about skill as to who gets the opener or the crit streak.
  6. Retarded class changes. We’re looking at you lolspin (bladestorm), lolcharge (juggernaut), etc. Those were two warrior examples, but it isn’t limited to warriors. Mutilate should of never been made into the stab from anywhere it is either, I’m not going into all class changes I think are bad here.
  7. Prot. Yes, prot is an issue. Prot damage is retarded, your a tank not a DPS. Stuns from prot wars are also stupid, your like rogues in plate without stealth and more hp

There are other things that affected PvP, the random dungeon tool being one – I get why this tool was introduced, but no longer are there fights on the way to instances or summon stones, you just zone in.

I can’t go into everything, heck I can’t even remember half the things as I type.

How can they fix it?
Well, it appears Cataclysm is going some way towards this. Resilience is apparently gone, yay – I want to see how the resilience dependant players adapt to this! More specs are becoming viable in general – anyone who’s played a fire mage at the moment knows its not the easiest job in the world for PvP, though there are some exceptions to the rule.

Bringing back BG for the players to gear is also good, no more people running in welfare gear because they hate arena, no more arena having a silly advantage. It’ll be fun to see how the rated BGs go. All the arena people seem to think they’ll dominate this area. Personally I think it’ll be the pro players in general – the top arena players who can also BG and the BG teams that are actually decent on top, followed by the rest, basically like arena is now. If you can do arena and get high you stay there, if you do arena but suck you get OK ratings but never go anywhere.

More PvP friendly world zones. Stop making everywhere safe with guards. You broke LHC with guards. Tone them down! Wintergrasp also wasn’t really a success, was it.

I’ve completely lost my focus with this post, I have no idea where I was going or anything so I’ll post it in this state.

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